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Magnet Stand

These stands are used for magnetic separation of the nano magnetic particles.
Please choose the product in accordance with the operation to liquid volume.


(1)Allows faster magnetic separation than the products of
       other companies (*1).
(2) Allows work to be carried out while cooling the samples (*2).
(3)Ideal for magnetic separation when performing protein screening
       manually using our company's FG beads®.

Pruduct number :TA4899N12


● Specifications
Holds 8 ×1.5 mL microcentrifuge tubes
Dimentions W170×D40×H46

Pruduct number :TA4899N20


● Specifications
Holds 2×15 mL tubes
Dimentions W135×D41×H103

Pruduct number :TA4899N30


● Specifications
Holds 2×50 mL tubes
Dimentions W135×D41×H103

Capable of magnetic separation in a short time (*1).

Shapes and placements of magnets are devised to efficiently separate magnetic nanoparticles. Shorter time for the separation than competitors’ products, which reduces operation time.


Capable of magnetic separation at low temperature (4℃) (*2).

Because our magnetic stand is made of high thermal conductive aluminum alloy, solutions can be quickly cooled down to 4 ℃ by simply placing it on ice. So you can feel safe to conduct an experiment of a protein worried about its degeneration.